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    Soldier 76 - Custom PC Build - Drew Cook!!

    Project Name - We're All Modders Now 1. When did you get into building custom PC's? Funny enough it actually started with console repair in middle school, I did it as almost like a side hustle to make money repairing...

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    3 Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

    Some people play video games to relax or to kick it with their friends, so this article does not apply to you. If you are in the other category of gamer, that is trying to be the best in the...

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    The Difference Between Esports and Video Games

    This past year has been big for esports; getting more of the limelight, having traditional sport teams purchase esports teams, getting viewership on ESPN and other network channels. However, every time I give a presentation about esports, one of the...

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