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    Health Tips for the Avid Gamer

    Just because gaming has become socially acceptable, it doesn’t mean you can put your health to the wayside. In fact, most professional eSports athletes have strict exercise regimes to keep their bodies and minds in top performance condition. Here are...

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    The Art of the Gamer Tag

    I always thought gamer tags were a little silly, as they were essentially self-endowed nicknames, but as I have been part of gaming and eSports community I find myself calling people by their gamer tag and being called by my...

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    Top 3 Schools for Collegiate eSports

    In the last 5 years, eSports has essentially gone from nothing to one of the biggest phenomenons to take the world by storm. One of the most notable happenings from the acceptance of eSports, is the influence they have had...

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